Part 141 FAA Approved Ground Training

Premier Flight Center is The ONLY Flight School in CT offering Part 141 Ground Instruction!


What is Part 141 Training

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has established two regulations in regards to pilot training, Part 61 and Part 141.

A vast majority of pilots are trained under Part 61 Regulations, which requires that you have a minimum of forty (40) hours total time and normally all records of your training are kept solely in your personal logbook and nowhere else. The pace and direction of your training will be decided upon between you and your instructor.

Part 141 training is FAA Certified, which means that the school has taken the time and effort to have their program accredited by the FAA. This means that:

  • The aircraft and the business location are FAA approved and inspected regularly.
  • The FAA oversees the operation and record keeping for quality, compliance and safety.
  • An FAA approved course syllabus will determine the pace and direction of your training.