Comedy in Flight

Brainard Tower Staff: ATC or cheerleading section?

Hartford-Brainard Airport from the air on approach to Runway 2

It has been a season of oddly strong wind at Hartford-Brainard Airport (KHFD). When the winds are out of the west, as has been the case so often, pilots frequently request Runway 29. Recently, a pilot was inbound and had requested Runway 29. On short final, the tower advised the pilot that the winds were gusting and variable, the pilot acknowledged his landing clearance and then queried the tower about what to do in the event he had to go around.

N12345: “If I have to go around, do you want me to make left traffic or right traffic?”

Brainard Tower: “Well, why don’t we cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, just know that I believe in you!”

N12345: “It’s nice to know that someone is down there rooting for me!”