Comedy in Flight

It's just the way things are done!

Hartford-Brainard Airport from the air on approach to Runway 2

There’s frequently a strong crosswind on the main runway, 2-20, at Hartford Brainard Airport. The wind often comes out of the west or northwest, favoring Runway 29. I asked about using it with the ground controller and was given permission to taxi to, but hold short of it.

Upon being cleared to cross Runway 29 to the run-up area, the following exchange took place:

Brainard Tower: “Skyhawk 9412L, you can taxi across Runway 29 to the run-up area, then just advise the tower of your intention to depart Runway 29 when you’re ready.”

N9412L: “Cross 29 and will advise, thank you, 9412L.”

Brainard Tower: “Although, he only sits 3 feet away from me, I suppose I could let him know for you.”

N9412L: “That would be fine too, but I don’t want to interfere with the politics up there!”