What kind of people get a pilot license?

Almost everyone at one time or another has expressed an urge to fly an airplane, but too many people don't know where to go to start to earn a pilot's license. Of course, flying can be a means of education, transportation, a hobby, a sport, and even a career for anyone who would like to get involved.

Learning to fly is a step by step process and a fascinating experience that is not particularly difficult. Practically anyone who is willing to invest some time and effort can get a pilot license!

The first and most important element in learning to fly is desire. The second important element is that the flight school should be able to provide the necessary training from seasoned instructors and well maintained equipment.

With 10 experienced flight instructors and 6 aircraft to choose from, Premier Flight Center offers a wide range of training options. Premier Flight is a 7 day a week operation which provides for full, part-time, or accelerated flight training. You can set your own schedule with Part 61 Flight Training.

Once you've earned your license you can continue to rent the same aircraft to improve your skills and explore new and exciting destinations.

Private Pilot Certificate

Most people begin flight training in order to earn a private pilot license. The private pilot may fly family and friends, or may utilize an aircraft for travel in pursuit of their work or business. Once you are licensed as an airplane private pilot, you also may rent airplanes from numerous businesses, or join the ranks of the many pilots who choose to purchase and fly their own airplane!

Students may chose from any of Premier Flight Center's airplanes when taking flying lessons in pursuit of your private pilot certificate. We have high-wing Cessnas and low wing Pipers, and even a Light Sport, CTLS.
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Instrument Rating

As an instrument rated pilot, you will be far less limited by adverse weather! Instrument flight training involves learning to control and navigate an airplane only by reference to the flight and navigation instruments while following “instrument flight rules” (IFR). You gain far more insight into the air traffic control system in the United States, and you will learn to interact effectively and efficiently within that system while piloting an airplane without being able to see outside!

Premier Flight Center also allows you to take advantage of 21st Century technology in our FAA certified flight simulator. It is an excellent training device to use to learn and review procedures for both single engine or multiengine airplanes!
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Commercial Pilot Certificate

The commercial pilot license is required for you to be employed as a pilot. A commercial pilot is expected to have superior knowledge and insights into the airplane, weather, the FAA's rules and regulations, and operations within the National Airspace System. You will be judged on this advanced knowledge as well as your ability to smoothly and precisely control the airplane throughout a variety of maneuvers designed to push the airplane to its limits while maintaining orientation to your surroundings both inside and outside of the aircraft.

Remember, you don't have to get a job in aviation if you get a commercial pilot license. Many pilots choose to pursue this advanced certificate simply to master new knowledge and improve their piloting skills. You may train for your initial commercial pilot certificate in either a single engine or multiengine airplane.
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Airline Transport Pilot

The Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) is considered by many to be the ultimate aviation achievement, and rightly so! An ATP is expected to demonstrate mastery of an aircraft to a degree which exceeds even the commercial pilot, but without being able to see outside the aircraft. The ATP certificate is essentially a “professional instrument rating”.

At Premier Flight Center, many of our instructors have earned their ATP certificate, and they have experience working with other pilots in pursuit of this elite certificate.
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Certified Flight Instructor

The Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) is the ultimate professional pilot. A CFI is also the backbone of the aviation community. It is the CFI that passes on all knowledge that pilots in training require, and it is the CFI that will guide you in learning to become the pilot you dream of being.

At Premier Flight Center, we are the “flight training professionals”. We set high standards for the instructors we hire, and we expect the pilots we train to be certified flight instructors to meet that same standard. The process of becoming a flight instructor involves first learning to be a teacher, and then applying that skill in an airplane. Ask about our Flight Instructor Seminar, where students gain real world teaching experience!
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Sport Pilot Certificate

Light sport flying is taking a larger number of people through the exciting process of becoming a pilot! We offer light sport flight training in the customers aircraft. As a light sport pilot, you may fly with many of the same privileges as a private pilot, as long as you operate a light sport plane. You will not be required to have an FAA issued pilot medical certificate, but you must have no known medical conditions that prevent you from safely operating an airplane. In fact, simply having a valid driver license is sufficient proof of medical eligibility to fly! If this sounds intriguing to you, call today to set up an appointment to begin your light sport license at Premier Flight Center.

Premier Flight Center offers light sport transition training for licensed pilots.  Please plan a minimum of 5 hours in the plane for transitioning pilots due to insurance requirements.
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