Private Pilot Ground School

Spring Semester Course

Save approximately $1,600 over one-on-one ground instruction with your flight instructor. This a great opportunity to save money on ground training while learning about flying in a structured, classroom environment.

Saturday Morning

March 30, 2019; Register now and class will start when full (7 student minimum).

Premier Flight Center
Hartford Brainard, KHFD

$595.00 per person
Includes a $50 nonrefundable administrative fee.
Books and materials included.

Seating is limited!

To register for ground school please first pay for the course using the Paypal Buy Now button. After paying for the course you will be directed to fill out a registration form. Registration will not be accepted without payment.

Alternatively, call us at (860) 724-2245 or come into the office during our normal business hours to signup.

In order to obtain the Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating or Commercial Certificate a written exam must be taken and passed with a 70% grade or better. Premier Flight Center offers the option of a classroom type setting for our ground schools, which prepares each student for the FAA Written Exam. Our syllabus uses the building block theory of learning, which incorporate a variety of learning methods (Lecture, Overheads, Demonstration and Home Study Work). After a successful completion of our ground school, each student will be given the “sign-off” (aka: permission slip) to take the FAA’s written exam. The materials needed for our ground schools are the Jeppesen Part 141 Kit which our syllabus is based on.

Contents and Explanation of
The Jeppesen Part 141 Private Pilot Kit

Materials used in the ground school*:

1.  Private Pilot Manual: The manual is arranged in chapters so each lesson is taught in an organized fashion. The student should read the appropriate lesson before and after each class, paying particular attention to the insets and summary checklists.

2.  Questions & Answers:  The student should answer the questions at the end of each section (starting with chapter 2. The answer sheets are in the back of the manual (starting on page Q-1).   The answers are on pages A-1 through A-8

3.  FAA Airmen Knowledge Study Guide:  The student should review the FAA written test questions & answers for the Chapter and section just completed.

4.  Knowledge Test Question Bank and Supplement:  This is a duplication of all the possible questions that are on the FAA’s written exam.

5..  Private Pilot Stage Exams:  The instructor will have each student complete the appropriate written exam at the end  each stage (after lessons 6, 10 and 15).

6.  Final Exams:  The instructor will have each student complete a final exam which is separated into parts a and b.  After a thorough review, the actual FAA airmen knowledge test should be completed without delay.

Materials used in flight training:

8.  Flight Training Syllabus:  This provides a lay out of the flight training in three segments.  Each stage builds on previous flight lesson.

9.  Private Pilot Maneuvers:  This is a step by step description to help understand each flight maneuver that will be performed in the airplane.

10.  Practical Test Study Guide:  This explains how to prepare for the Practical Test (the actual FAA oral and flight tests).  It contains the required flight maneuvers, explanations, and sample oral questions with answers.

11.  Presolo Written Exam:  This is a home test that must be completed before a solo flight can be completed.

12.  Student Record:  This is used in the office to keep a record of all the completed maneuvers from the syllabus.

13.  Flight Computer with Manual & Plotter:  This will be used in the ground school as well as in the cross country phase of the flight training.

14.  Pilot Logbook:  This is a log that each pilot possess to keep track of all accumulated hours and lessons.

Other Materials used in Ground School:
Video Presentations provide an excellent overview for each lesson.   The appropriate video is referenced in the syllabus for each ground lesson (starting with Lesson 2).  A set of DVD's is available for home viewing.

*Kit does not include FAR/AIM