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Premier's Flight Instructors

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  1. Michael Berlin, Commercial pilot, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, SUAS

  2. John Lampson, Commercial pilot, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, ASES, ATP

  3. Erik St. Pierre, Commercial pilot, CFI, ME

  4. Brandon Perras, Commercial pilot, CFI, CFII, ME

  5. Dan Berk, Commercial pilot, CFI, ME

  6. Gamal Mohamed, Commercial pilot, CFI,

  7. Madison Larkin, Commercial pilot, CFI, ME

Michael Berlin
Chief Pilot, Commercial pilot, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, SUAS


Mike Berlin

Mike is our Chief Pilot/Flight Instructor. He started flying in 1978 eventually earning his Private, Instrument, Commercial, Single and Multi-engine pilot certificates and ratings. He became an instructor in 1995 and an FAA Safety Counselor in 1997. In 1999 Mike was awarded the FAA’s coveted "Gold Seal Instructor" status. Shortly after, he earned the National Association of Flight Instructors "Master CFI" designation.

In 2006 Mike was selected as the FAA’s Windsor Locks District and Eastern Regional "CFI of the Year". With thousands of "Instructor" hours logged, he has also served as a Check Pilot/Instructor for the Civil Air Patrol and has been an aircraft owner.

Mike holds a Master of Science in Education degree from Eastern Connecticut State University where he was also employed as an Engineer for the Information Technology Services Department until his retirement. He has published several articles for AOPA Flight Training and NAFI Mentor Magazines. His General Aviation/Ham Radio website can be found at Mike's Website.

John Lampson
Commercial Pilot, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, ASES, ATP


John Lampson

In 1994, well into the pursuit of a career as a guitar player/songwriter John discovered another passion on par with music, aviation! He earned his commercial, multiengine, and instrument certificates and ratings, in addition to advanced ground instructor rating and flight instructor certificate. John is also rated in single engine sea planes!

John earned flight experience working as a jump pilot for Connecticut Parachutists and Boston-Providence Skydiving, and he flew aerial photography missions throughout the northeast. In 2001 John was recognized by the FAA as a “Gold Seal” Flight Instructor.

John established himself as a factory-authorized instructor and demo-pilot for Flight Design USA during the emergence of light sport aircraft and the sport pilot certificate. He continues to fly for the leader in the LSA industry.

John has accumulated more than 9,000 flight hours, nearly 8,000 logged as a flight instructor. At Premier Flight Center, he has found a place to share his passion for flight, while he continues to perform with the rock cover-band, LA's Backstage Pass.

Erik St. Pierre
Commercial pilot, CFI, ME


Erik St. Pierre

Through out his life, Erik has always enjoyed helping others. This led him to try and find something where he could help others. While attending college to become a nurse, Erik found another passion, aviation. He fell in love with flying, after a flight from Hartford to Fitchburg, Massachusetts with his brother in law.

He then decided to peruse a career in aviation. Erik began his training at ATP Flight School, out of Hartford-Brainard Airport. After acquiring his commercial rating in a single and multi engine aircraft, he decided to transfer to Interstate Aviation, out of Simsbury, Connecticut, to get his CFI certificate. Once his training was complete, he decided to get a full time job as a Certified Flight Instructor.

As a CFI, Erik is able to combine his two favorite things, flying, and helping others

Brandon Perras
Commerical Pilot, CFI, CFII, ME


Brandon Perras

From a very early age I have been fascinated by aviation. I loved sitting next to Bradley International and watching the planes takeoff and land. When I was about 14 years old, I took a discovery flight at Premier Flight Center. Unfortunately, due to school and all the various sports I played, I wasn’t able to pursue flight training until college. Starting in the fall of 2019, I attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL.

I graduated in the Spring of 2023 with a BS in Aeronautical Science, a double minor in Psychology and Applied Meteorology, and a Commercial Single and Multi-engine pilot certificate. I obtained my CFI and CFI-I certificates at another flight school in Daytona called Air America Flight Center. After college, I decided to move back home and instruct in the area I grew up in.

When I’m not flying, I enjoy fishing or going out for a round of golf with some friends. As an instructor, my wish to help anyone achieve their goals and become the best and safest pilot they can be.

Dan Berk
Commerical Pilot, CFI, ME


Dan Berk

From a young age, Dan had always enjoyed playing flight simulator on his father's computer (also a pilot), waking up early on the weekend just to load up whatever version of flight simulator was out at the time.

Since receiving his license, Dan had flown a variety of piston aircraft; from most single engine Piper models, Cessna 172 & 182, Cirrus SR20 & SR22, and multiengine Beechcraft Baron & Duchess. He holds his CFI certificate and a Commercial Multi Engine Land currently, working on continuing and getting additional ratings and certificates.

Dan enjoys not only teaching but flying all over the Northeast. His most memorable flight was doing the commercial long cross country. It consisted of landings in 5 states from Connecticut to Ohio.

He contributes his love of aviation and his success to a few people, his father who holds his PPL, his father and mother-in-law who made it all possible and his wife and mother that have supported him along the way.

In his spare, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 Miniature Schnauzers. Some of their favorite activities include hanging out on their deck while hosting friends and firing up the pizza oven or smoker, visiting the various fairs during fair season and traveling anywhere that is warm and has a beach. Our favorite destinations include Cancun, Aruba, Punta Cana, and Riviera Maya.

Gamal Mohamed
Commerical Pilot, CFI


Gamal Mohamed

Gamal came to the U.S. at the age of 17 with a dream of becoming a pilot. His journey in aviation began at North shore Community College, where he earned my degree in Aviation Science. Over the course of three years, he completed all necessary certifications and have been instructing for the past year.

His passion for instructing is immense; he loves sharing his knowledge and helping aspiring pilots achieve their dreams. His experience and dedication in aviation are the foundation of his teaching philosophy, and he continues to find joy and fulfillment in every lesson he conducts.

Madison Larkin
Commerical Pilot, CFI, ME


Madison Larkin

Madison always loved everything aviation growing up, so she decided to make a career out of this passion and started her aviation journey in 2020. She went to Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL where she studied Aeronautical Science with Flight and had a minor in Aviation Safety.

She also earned an associate's degree in Aircraft Operations and Dispatch. Madison earned her Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate for both multi and single-engine airplanes, and Certified Flight Instructor Certificate from FIT Aviation.

Upon graduating, Madison returned to her home state of Connecticut to work as a flight instructor, driven by a desire to contribute to the aviation community closer to home. Her primary goal as an instructor is to ensure her students become safe, competent, and confident pilots, adhering to the highest standards of aviation safety.