Introductory Flight

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Intro Flight Flyer

Intro Flight Flyer

Find out if flying is for you! When you sign up for an introductory flight you get to find out first hand what it's all about.

Your introductory flight includes:

  • About 30 minutes in the airplane, which includes
    • ...You taking the controls and flying the airplane!
    • ...Your instructor will act as pilot in command.
    • ...You will experience the sights and sounds of what it takes to be an aviator.
  • About 30 minutes on the ground, which includes
    • ...A walk around the airplane describing how it works.
    • ...A short school tour.
  • You only pay for the time in the airplane.
    • The time spent on the ground is included at no cost.
  • Total cost is $149.00


To schedule an introductory flight, call us at

(860) 724-2245

Or stop on in and see us!