Flight Training Approval Process


United States Citizens

If you are a U.S. Citizen, you may engage in flight training without any application to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). However, Premier Flight Center is required to verify your citizenship and retain copies of the proof you present. You will need to bring your original:

  • Birth certificate - or
  • Naturalization certificate - or
  • Citizenship certificate

Along with any of the above documnets, you must also provide a government issued photo identification card (i.e. state issued driver’s license).

- OR -

You may use your unexpired U.S. Passport in order to establish citizenship.

If you possess a pilot certificate from another country and you would like a U.S. pilot certificate issued based on that certificate, you will need to visit the FAA’s website and download the forms required to have your foreign license and or medical verified first.

Please click here to go to the proper page and follow the instructions there.

If you have been issued a Green Card or if you are in the United States on a visa, you also are permitted to take flying lessons; however, you will have to complete the TSA application process outlined below before you begin training.


The Alien Flight Training Program Overview

  1. Candidate Notifies Flight School. Each perspective student who requires TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approval before commencing flight lessons should provide advanced notice to Premier Flight Center that he or she intends to start flight training with us.
    Notification should be made by phone at (860) 724-2245 or by visiting our office and providing your contact information to a member of our admissions staff.
  2. Candidate Creates Login. As a flight training candidate, you will then be required to create a login account at:
    A user ID is provided immediately after submitting the required information, and a password will be sent via email. (This may take up to 48 hours).
  3. Candidate Applies for Training. After receiving your password, you will be instructed to change it and log onto the TSA student registration page listed above to continue the application process.
    As a part of this process, you will need to select “Premier Flight Center” as your flight training provider — this requires:
    • Premier's course ID number
    • Premier's course name and description
    • The type of training aircraft you will use - and
    • The start and end dates for your flight training
    The admissions staff prefers you bring your visa and register at the flight school. This will allowus to upload your required documents to TSA and also to make copies in accordance with our record-keeping requirements.
    Following completion of your application, you will be prompted to click on the “validate and submit” icon. If any errors appear in the application, you will be instructed to make any necessary corrections or complete any missing information. Choose “submit application” after making any corrections or changes.
  4. Flight School Acknowledges Training Request. Premier Flight Center will be sent an email from TSA requesting confirmation of your training request after your application has been submitted.
  5. Candidate Instructed to Pay Fee. Once Premier Flight Center confirms your request, you will receive an email instruction to pay the $130 processing fee by credit card.
  6. Flight School and Candidate Receive Preliminary TSA Decision. Upon receiving the payment, TSA will email you and Premier Flight Center a “preliminary decision” that confirms your application and payment have been received. If the preliminary decision is not received within seven business days, contact the TSA Help Desk at (703) 542-1222.
  7. Candidate Instructed to Submit Fingerprints. If the preliminary TSA decision is favorable, you will receive instructions for submitting fingerprints. If the decision is not favorable, you will be provided details regarding any information that may be missing from their registration. After you receive this email, we will help you to arrange for you to get your fingerprints taken, which can be done in our office.
  8. Flight School and Candidate Receive TSA Confirmation. TSA will send an email confirming receipt of the fingerprints.
    Note: Flight training may not begin until that confirmation has been received by both you and Premier Flight Center.
  9. Final Determination is Made by TSA. TSA will make a final determination as to your eligibility to receive flight training, although training may have already started, and will notify you and Premier Flight Center of its decision.
  10. Flight School Takes Photo. When you arrive at Premier Flight Center for your first flight lesson, Premier Flight Center must take a photo of you and send it to TSA.