CFI Ground School

Thinking of Becoming a Flight Instructor?

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Training to become a CFI is uniquely different than all the other Pilot ratings you have achieved. You already know how to fly and how to perform all the required maneuvers for the Private and Commercial Ratings to ACS standards. Training for the CFI rating requires you to master those same maneuvers from the right seat while “teaching” and remaining “PIC”! Though much of the CFI training involves flying, there are many more hours of ground training needed to master the skills to properly teach. As a CFI, the FAA is now also certifying you to “Instruct” !

Rather than a classroom ground school environment, our approach is different and extremely successful. You will work with our Chief Pilot who is a Gold Seal, Master Instructor and 2006 FAA Eastern Regional CFI of the Year. This one-on-one approach allows us to tailor the training to your specific needs. All the training requirements will be met and exceeded. We do not take shortcuts and it is not an “accelerated ratings course”. There are no FAA minimum hours of training for the CFI rating!

How long it takes depends on how well you train and absorb the material. Our emphasis is to create an educator…a Teacher of Safe Flight!

Some of the items that will be covered:

  • Fundamentals of Instructing (The Learning and Teaching Process, Methods of Teaching and Evaluating)
  • Instructor Responsibilities, Characteristics and Human Factors
  • Technical Areas (Aerodynamics, Navigation, Airspace, Equipment, FARs, Logbook Endorsements)
  • Flight Operations (Basic thru Performance and Ground Reference Maneuvers, airport Operations)
  • Emergency Operations
  • The CFI Rating is the most difficult Practical Test out there. Close to 3 out of 4 first time CFI applicants do not pass mostly attributed to inadequate training and test preparation. A CFI is a demanding, highly responsible position that carries with it a great deal of respect from the aviation community and many rewarding experiences! Let the staff at Premier Flight Center at KHFD help you reach that goal!